Aïd el Fitr Mubarak – End of Ramadan 2016

Muslims will celebrate Eid al-Fitr on Wednesday, July 6, the celebration of the breaking of the fast which marks the end of the sacred month of ramadan, announced Monday the French Council of the Muslim cult (CFCM).

The festival of Aid El Fitr will also be celebrated on Wednesday 6 July in the majority of Arab and Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Qatar, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Palestine and Kuwait. Afghanistan, Malaysia, the United States, Indonesia, Singapore announced that Aid El Fitr will also be celebrated on Wednesday.

In France, the Grand Mosque of Paris and the French council of the Muslim faith (CFCM) announced that the feast of Eid El Fitr will be celebrated on Wednesday 6 July 2016. On the other hand, in Turkey and Bosnia, Ramadhan ends This Monday, July 4th. Muslims will celebrate the end of Ramadan tomorrow.

Eid el-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan

Eid el-Fitr or Eid el-Seghir (“Little Feast”) is one of the two most solemn dates of the Muslim calendar with the other Eid, Aid el-Kebir or Eid el-Adha, Great feast or feast of sacrifice. It falls on the first day of the month following Ramadan, known as “chawwal.”

A major date: Eid el-Fitr

Muslims are preparing to celebrate Wednesday a very important date: that of Eid el-Fitr (not to be confused with Eid el-Kebir) which marks the end of Ramadan 2016. With this celebration, it is more than Four weeks of food deprivation, moral asceticism and physical conformity to the demands of the Koranic tradition that will end. Eid is celebrated by all the Muslims of the world, its date has just been officially fixed on Monday. But for some, the moment of Eid el-Fitr was already known for a long time.

Indeed, representatives of the Muslim community do not all agree on the method to be used to accurately determine the end of a sacred month and the entry into the next. All Muslims agree that a new month of the Islamic calendar begins when the new moon appears in the sky, and only then at that moment. For the vast majority of the Muslim authorities in France, it is only when the lunar crescent can be observed with the naked eye on the night of doubt that it is possible to fix this date. If the crescent is visible, then the new month begins the next day. If not, then wait until the next day.

« Happy Aid Al Fitr to all of you and your loved ones and loved ones the most. May God keep you and protect you on this happy occasion. »

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