Noble Quran in Arabic MP3

The Noble Quran “al Quran’ān” القرآن الكريم MP3 in Arabic

Noble Coran complet

The Quran in Arabic, direct download link

Listen to Koran recitation in Arabic by Maher Al-Muaiqly Musshaf

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1. Prologue (Al-Fatiha) Reading
2. The cow (Al-Baqarah) Reading
3. The family of Imran (Al-Imran) Reading
4. Women (An-Nisa) Reading
5. The table served (Al-Maidah) Reading
6. Cattle (Al-Anam) Reading
7. Al-Araf Reading
8. The Loot (Al-Anfal) Playback
9. Repentance (At-Tawbah) Reading
10. Jonas (Yunus) Reading
11. Hud Playback
12. Joseph (Yusuf) Reading
13. The Thunder (Ar-Raad) Reading
14. Abraham (Ibrahim) Reading
15. Al-Hijr Reading
16. The Bees (An-Nahl) Reading
17. The Night Journey (Al-Isra) Reading
18. The Cave (Al-Kahf) Reading
19. Marie (Maryam) Reading
20. Ta-Ha Reading
21. The Prophets (Al-Anbiya) Reading
22. The pilgrimage (Al-Hajj) Reading
23. The believers (Al-Muminune) Reading
24. The Light (An-Nur) Playback
25. Discernment (Al Furqane) Reading
26. The poets (As-Shuaraa) Reading
27. Ants (An-Naml) Reading
28. The story (Al-Qasas) Reading
29. The spider (Al-Ankabut) Reading
30. The Romans (Ar-Rum) Reading
31. Luqman Reading
32. Prostration (As-Sajda) Reading
33. The allies (Al-Ahzab) Reading
34. Saba Reading
35. The Creator (Fatir) Reading
36. Ya-Sin Playback
37. The Rows (As-Saffat) Playback
38. Sad Reading
39. Groups (Az-Zumar) Reading
40. The Forgiver (Gafir) Reading
41. The detailed verses (Fussilat) Reading
42. The consultation (Achoura) Reading
43. The ornament (Azzukhruf) Reading
44. Smoke (Ad-Dukhan) Reading
45. Kneeling (Al-Jathya) Reading
46. ​​Al-Ahqaf Reading
47. Muhammad Reading
48. The Bright Victory (Al-Fath) Reading
49. The apartments (Al-Hujurat) Reading
50. Qaf Reading
51. Who scatter (Ad-Dariyat) Reading
52. At-Tur Reading
53. L star (An-Najm) Reading
54. The Moon (Al-Qamar) Reading
55. The All-Merciful (Ar-Rahman) Reading
56. The event (Al-Waqi’a) Reading
57. Iron (Al-Hadid) Reading
58. The discussion (Al-Mujadalah) Reading
59. Exodus (Al-Hasr) Reading
60. The Proved (Al-Mumtahanah) Reading
61. The Rank (As-Saff) Playback
62. Friday (Al-Jumua) Reading
63. The hypocrites (Al-Munafiqun) Reading
64. The Great Loss (At-Tagabun) Playback
65. Divorce (At-Talaq) Reading
66. The prohibition (At-Tahrim) Reading
67. The royalty (Al-Mulk) Reading
68. The feather (Al-Qalam) Reading
69. The one who shows the truth (Al-Haqqah) Reading
70. The Ascent Routes (Al-Maarij) Reading
71. Noah (Nuh) Reading
72. The Jinn (Al-Jinn) Reading
73. L wrapped (Al-Muzzamil) Reading
74. The Coat of Arms (Al-Muddattir) Reading
75. The Resurrection (Al-Qiyamah) Reading
76. The man (Al-Insan) Reading
77. The envoys (Al-Mursalate) Reading
78. The New (An-Naba) Reading
79. The Angels that Break the Souls (An-Naziate) Playback
80. He is scowling (Abasa) Reading
81. The darkening (At-Takwir) Reading
82. Breaking (Al-Infitar) Reading
83. Fraudsters (Al-Mutaffifune) Reading
84. The Tear (Al-Insiqaq) Reading
85. The constellations (Al-Buruj) Reading
86. The Night Star (At-Tariq) Playback
87. The Almighty (Al-Ala) Reading
88. L enveloping (Al-Gasiyah) Reading
89. Dawn (Al-Fajr) Playback
90. The city (Al-Balad) Reading
91. The Sun (Ach-Chams) Playback
92. Night (Al-Layl) Reading
93. The rising day (Ad-Duha) Reading
94. The opening (As-Sarh) Reading
95. The fig tree (At-Tin) Reading
96. Adhesion (Al-Alaq) Reading
97. Destiny (Al-Qadr) Reading
98. Proof (Al-Bayyinah) Reading
99. The Shake (Az-Zalzalah) Playback
100. The couriers (Al-Adiyate) Reading
101. The Smash (Al-Qariah) Reading
102. The race for wealth (At-Takatur) Reading
103. Weather (Al-Asr) Reading
104. The calumniators (Al-Humazah) Reading
105. The Elephant (Al-Fil) Reading
106. Koraïsh Reading
107. L utensile (Al-Maun) Reading
108. Abundance (Al-Kawtar) Reading
109. The infidels (Al-Kafirune) Reading
110. Relief (An-Nasr) Reading
111. Fibers (Al-Masad) Reading
112. Pure monotheism (Al-Ihlas) Reading
113. The dawning dawn (Al-Falaq) Reading
114. The Men (An-Nas) Reading

The Quran is the word of the Most High Allah the god of the universe, revealed to His Messenger, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).

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