The Faith (Al Imane)

From these words of the Prophet :

« Islam is built on five bonds. It is both word and act. It can grow or decrease. »


Of These Words of God The Most High :

« …So that they add faith to their faith. » (Quran 48: 4)


« …And We have established them in the right direction. » (Quran 18: 4)


« …God strengthens even more (those in the right path) by giving them good direction. » (Quran 19.76)


« …Those who are in the right direction will be better directed by God who will give them piety. » (Quran 47.17)


« …So that the faith of those who believe ! »(Quran 74.31)


« …Who of you is raised in (a) faith (by this sura)? Those who believe are grown in (their) faith (by this Revelation) and rejoice. » (Quran 9:24)


« …Those who were told, “The infidels have gathered (their forces) against you. Fear them, and this has increased their faith… »(Quran 3,173)


« …When the Believers live factions, they say:
– God and his Prophet spoke the truth. And this only increased their faith and their submission to God. » (Quran 33:22)


Love and hatred for God are manifestations of faith.

‘Omar Ben’ Abdelaziz wrote to Ady Ben ‘Ady:’ Faith includes duties, rights, prohibitions and practices. He who respects all these prescriptions possesses perfect faith; He who does not respect them entirely does not possess perfect faith. »


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