Science precedes speech and action

Of these words of God :

« Know that there is no divinity outside God »(Quran 47:19).

God began here by science (Knowledge = knowledge = science). The scholars are the successors of the Prophets, who have bequeathed them as a heritage, science. He who has taken science has opted for a great part and whoever follows a path to acquire it, God will facilitate the way to Paradise.

Of these other Words of God :

« Among the worshipers of God, scientists alone are afraid of it. »(Quran 35:28).

« Those who know are the only ones to understand (these examples). » (Quran 29:43)

« They said: if we have heard or understood, we would not be of those who are doomed to the blazing (of hell) » (Quran 67:10).

« Say: Are those who know and the ignorant equal ? » (Quran 39: 9).

The Prophet said:

« When God wants goodness for someone, He makes him acquire science (in religion). Science is acquired only through study. »


Science and its merits

Abu Ummama reports: “The case of two men was mentioned before the Messenger of Allah: one is a devotee and the other is a scholar. The Envoy said: The merit of the scholar on the devotee is like mine on the nearest of you. Then Allah’s Messenger added: Allah and His angels, as well as the inhabitants of the heavens and the earth and even the ant in his ant-hill and the fish pray on those who initiate people to good. (Reported by At-Tirmidhi)


The Prophet May the peace and blessings of God be upon him said :

« The angels deploy their wings to the one who studies science to please his request. »
( Reported by Imam Ahmad and Ibn Mâja )

The Prophet May the peace and blessings of God be upon him a dit :

« There will be only one degree between the Prophets and the one who is seized by death while he
Seeks Science to Revive Islam ».


On his side Ibn ‘Abbas that god the said :

« For the one who initiates people to good, all beasts are imploring in his favor »


Abou Nael said,« Every Thursday, ‘Abdallah Ben Messaoud used to teach (religion) to the faithful. One of them said to him: « O Abu ‘Abderrahmane, how I wish your teaching to be dispensed every day! “What holds me back,” Ibn Mess’aoud replied, “is the fear of seeing you feeling weary.” I try to keep you in my sermons in the same way that the Prophet spared us, so as not to discourage us. »


According to Abu Musa, the Prophet :

« The good direction and the knowledge which God has instructed me to diffuse is like the generous rain that falls on the ground. When the soil is fertile the water is absorbed and the various plants grow in profusion. There are also very permeable terrains which collect the waters which God consecrates to appease the thirst of men, to water the animals and to irrigate the cultures. Other soils are flat, do not retain water and are sterile. So are the men. There are those who are educated in the religion of God and who take advantage of the teachings of God revealed to me. Some people know and share the knowledge of others, and those who do not bother to raise their heads and disown the right path that I have come to teach from God. »

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