The five prayers erase the sins

According to Ibn Messaoud, a man who had kissed a woman came to tell the Prophet his story. As a result, the following verse was revealed:

« Complete the prayer at the end of the day and part of the night. Good deeds chase the bad. » (Qur’an 11: 144).

« O Messenger of God, question man, is this verse revealed to me? “Yes,” replied the Prophet, “and also for the whole of my community. »

The five prayers erase the sins

According to Abu Hurayrah, the Envoy of God said (addressing the faithful) :

« You see, if a stream passes the door of one of you, and it is washed every day, and five times a day, Remains the least filth? “No, nothing will remain of this dirt,” they replied. “So it is with the five daily prayers,” said the Prophet, “by them God clears away sins. »


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